Freshwater Fish this week: German Blue Rams, Half Black Angels, Deon Dwarf Rainbows, Purple Spot Gobies, Pearl Gouramis, Panda Corys, Cory sterbai, Amandae Tetras, Neon Tetras, Rummynose Tetras, Kuhlii Loaches, Yo-Yo Loaches, Celebese Halfbeaks, Yellow Lab Cichlids, Maingano Cichlids, African Peaock Cichlids. Some Saltwater Fish: Chromis, Saphire Damsels, Sixline Wrasses, Bariene Tangs, Maculliceps Tang, Chocolate Tangs, Fairy Wrasses.

New Coral Shipment in this week: Bubble Corals, Frogspawn, Hammers, Ricordea Yuma Colonies, Lobophyllia, Cynarina, Tongue corals.

WAITING FOR FALL SALE: ALL LIVESTOCK 20% OFF!! ALL CORAL 30% OFF!! TANKS AND STANDS 15% OFF!! Shrimp Fiesta: Sakura, Red Crystal, Amano, Ghost shrimps fully restocked. Also: Rasbora Hets, Otos, Cardinals, Rummynose, Pea Puffers. New plant shipment expected Friday.

Saltwater this week: Ultra Maxima Clams, Scarlet Hermits, Feather Dusters, Peppermint Shrimp, Kole Tangs, Flame Angels, Sailfin Tangs, Blue-Green Chromis, Potters Angel, Coral Beauty Angel, Eiblii Angel, Copperband Butterflies, Purple Firefish, Golden Headed Sleeper Gobies, Banggai Cardinals, Blue Hippo Tangs, small Yellow Watchman Gobies (only $12!! We got too many!). Freshwater: Celebes Halfbeaks, medium Angels, New Guinea Rainbows, Boesemani Rainbows (where are all the Rainbow people??), Bronze Redtail Guppies, Miracle Ray Guppies, Half Black Multi Guppies.

New store hours: Mon: 12-6pm Tues: 11-6pm Wed: 12-6pm Thurs: 11-7pm Fri: 11-7pm Sat: 10-6pm Sun: 11-5pm We have 4oz PE Mysis Cubes back in stock!!